So easy, and looks so good!



A massive thank you to Emma at Boom Nails for this idea and nail art

Nail art is still having its beauty moment, and the effects just keep getting more and more incredible.

We would all love to have intricate nails, adorned with the latest techniques, but for those of us who aren’t exactly masterful with a teeny tiny paintbrush, a DIY job can prove challenging.

The precision required for most nail art requires an artist’s brush strokes, so when we were told about this super easy little gem of a technique, we were rather excited!

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Using something we all have lying around the house, this easy method will give you salon-worthy nails in an instant. Who would have thought cling-film could be quite so artistic?

Give it a go tonight…. Practice makes perfect!

The cling-film nail art mani

What you’ll need

2 polishes (one light, one dark)

A square of cling-film

A glossy effect top coat

What to do

  1. Paint your nails with the lighter of the two colours. Go for two coats and then wait for them to fully dry.
  2. Scrunch your cling-film into a small ball and using it as a sponge, paint one side with the lighter shade and being dabbing it on the tip of the nail for an ombre effect.
  3. Continue to layer the effect until it is as subtle or dramatic as you like.
  4. Wait for the lighter colour to dry, then finish with a glossy top coat.

Try experimenting with different shades. The effect pictured has been created using a white and grey polish, but would work well with nude or monochrome shades.

For some fun summer nail art, try a white background with a bright yellow or orange effect on top. Going to an evening event? Metallic shades on black or grey will look great.

We’d love to see how you get on! Send your nail art to our Facebook page, or post on our Facebook wall.