As 2016 draws to a close and we begin popping bottles of Prosecco to toast the arrival of 2017, it’s also time to start thinking about New Years Resolutions – and whether we’ll bother making any at all. After all, how many of us really stick to them for the whole year anyway?

Well, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and her team over as healthy lifestyle HQ, Goop, we might have finally found a resolution we are ready to get on board with.

Although Gwyneth normally recommends difficult to attain beauty regimes such as bee sting facials or steaming our nether regions, the A-list actress is now hailing ‘Clean Sleeping’ as the health trend we should all be adopting in 2017.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Whereas the clean eating trend was all about ditching sugar, carbs and caffeine in favour of a simpler, more nutritious diet, clean sleeping is focused on just one thing – getting a good night’s sleep. That’s at least seven hours of solid rest, by the way.

Simple in theory. However, how many of us can claim we actually get at least seven or eight hours of good, uninterrupted, high quality sleep each night?


The clean sleeping trend focuses on getting a night’s sleep that is free of interruption and distraction. So no scrolling through Facebook before you switch off the light, or falling asleep in front of BBC I-player on your laptop.

Gwyneth credits clean sleeping as the key to ageing gracefully, staying slim, and even having great hair. Essentially clarifying why we call it ‘beauty sleep’. We also know that a good sleeping pattern can help us lose weight, and generally make us happier – so it figures!

Here’s some ways to improve your night’s rest and nail the Clean Sleeping trend…

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