The 69-year old shares the secrets behind her youthful look - and it's pretty racy!

Untitled-1She may be classed as a septuagenarian later this year when she hits the big 7-0 but Susan Sarandon is looking better than ever!

Recently she joined fellow ageless actress Helen Mirren as a beauty ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, causing the whole female population of the UK to shout in unison – “just what are Susan Sarandon’s beauty secrets?” The answer may surprise you.

‘Sex – that’s good for your skin, right?’ she said in a recent interview. FYI ladies, Susan’s last relationship was with a man 30 years younger. You go girl!


The mum-of-three also admitted she’s become more confident with age. ‘What makes you beautiful is being “awake” in your life and being confident, and that becomes easier as you get older and care less what others think.’

She might fight the hands of time by dyeing her hair (she’s promoting L’Oreal’s Excellence Age Perfect Brunette hair colorant out in June) but she won’t be going under the knife any time soon. ‘When I see people who have had massive work done, to me that isn’t beauty – it is the personification of fear. It’s so unattractive and proves someone is not at one with what’s happening naturally.’

What she does do is use sun cream, eat well and avoids smoking. ‘You have to take care of yourself. I just got my daughter a Kangen water machine to filter out toxins. To stay young and healthy, you need to weed out toxic things – and toxic people!’


Her can’t-live-without-them beauty products are ‘L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara, sunscreen, apricot-coloured lipstick, a serum to protect from free radicals.’

If this is what keeps her looking this gosh-darn gorgeous, we’re running out to the shops to stock up now!

Now that we’ve given you Susan Sarandon’s beauty secrets, we take a look back at her most iconic roles below.