We lift the lid on the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite beauty products

Kate Middleton’s beauty secrets remain a mystery to many…but we’ve got some insider info!

The Duchess of Cambridge is never out of the spotlight. So, she needs hair that won’t go limp and beauty products that keep her looking polished and pristine from morning to night.


Kate seems to nail that naturally beautiful look every time. Whether it’s that super glossy blow dry that screams healthy hair, the subtle smokey eye that’s never too over-done, and the barely-there touch of blush that finishes off her classic English Rose look.

Kate Middleton's beauty secrets

Although she may have a make-up artist for big events these days, the Duchess is known to have done her own makeup on her wedding day! The products in her makeup bag? Her favourites are listed below!


From her favourite moisturiser to her wedding perfume, we delve into Kate Middleton’s beauty bag secrets. And guess what, there’s lots of high street buys in there! It seems that the Duchess has been sharing her secrets with other ladies in the public eye too.


None other than Michelle Obama revealed that Kate shared some beauty tips and tricks with her. Apparently they exchanged tips when the Obamas last visited the UK. We would have loved to be involved in that beauty gossip!

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