These ladies always look glowing, whether they're on the red carpet or the school run. Here are the fake tans they swear by...

You might be forgiven for thinking that all celebrities do is jet off on exotic holidays, building up an envy-inducing tan. But actually our favourite celebs aren’t averse to faking it, just like us!

From J-Law to Michelle Keegan, we reveal the fake tans they swear by to get them red carpet-ready. And thanks to our foolproof tips from tanning guru James Harknett below, faking it has never been easier!

Fake tans loved by celebs!

Top tips to achieve the best fake tans:

48 hours before…Wax. This gives time for potential irritation to subside and wax residue washed away.

24 hours before…Shaving is less of a worry, you can do it the day before.

12 hours before…Exfoliate using Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub, £11.95,, on the morning of application to remove any body lotion and provide an even base for self-tan to cling to.

1 hour before…Moisturise elbows, wrists, ankles and knees sparingly. Tan can cling to drier parts of the body so hydrate these areas first.

10 mins after…Get dressed in something lightweight. Loose cotton pyjamas or a light robe work well. Keep cool so the body does not perspire.

8 hours after…Leave your tan on the skin for at least 8 hours or overnight then take a cool shower. Wait until the guide colour has run off the body and pat dry. Moisturise all over.

1 day after…Self-tan can be a little dehydrating so daily moisturising will make the colour last longer and keep skin supple.

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