It’s rude to ask a woman her age, but if you had to guess Blake Lively age we bet you couldn’t! The stunning star is 30 this year, but doesn’t look a day over 21.

Blake Lively age 30 with two children

Her secret? Keep it simple! The star stays away from expensive spa treatments in favour of a basic skincare routine that keeps her skin clean, clear and with her trademark Californian glow.

“I’ve broken out every time I’ve had a facial” the actress told Vogue. “I’ve done it about four times in my life and every time I’ve ended up looking like a Saturday Night Live sketch for middle school puberty skin.”

“I like having a good moisturiser, especially at night, and cleaning your make-up off your face is the most important thing”

But what about when Blake is at her most glamorous? Queen of the red carpet, the mum-of-two nails her looks time and again. Whether she’s channeling her inner-Disney Princess at Cannes or oozing old Hollywood style glamour.

Blake is the first to admit that she relies on a fortified ‘glam squad’ to make sure she looks her best.

“I’ve done my own hair and make-up for the red carpet before but either it’s because it’s for a last-minute event, or because I forgot to call someone… it’s never a good idea!”

So, what beauty secrets are hiding inside Blake’s make-up bag? And what do the experts use to get the actress red carpet ready? The answers below may surprise you…