Helen Mirren, Reese Witherspoon and Alexa Chung work the undone bob perfectly…

Gone are the days when a bob was supposed to look perfectly preened and sleek. Nowadays a roughed up, tousled look is much more fashionable and youthful.


1. Ask your hairstylist to cut in a fringe to your style – this is a quick and easy way to hide those pesky fine lines on your forehead! Tousle it up so it doesn’t look to severe.

2. Wavy, undone styles look more youthful than a bulky blunt bob, so add in some kinks and waves with a curling wand like Mark Hill’s Rock Chick Wave Wand £59.99.

3. Make the most of the summer hair look and ask your colourist to pull some gentle highlights through the front sections of hair that frame your face. Your new sun-kissed streaks give the illusion of more radiant skin, what’s not to love?

4. If you usually go for a middle parting, use your hair straighteners to curl the front sections of your hair back away from your face at eye level. Your hair will flick backwards, a slight nod to the 70s, and really show off your cheekbones and the outer corners of your eyes.

5. We love a good blowdry, but over curled sections and heavily hairsprayed layers can be ageing. Change things up by roughing things up through the mid-lengths by adding a volume spray like Aveda’s Thickening Tonic £19.00, then straighten the ends. Who says you can’t work a rock chick look?!

6. Lose the perfect parting, ditch the straight line and work in a zig-zag one. The sharp change in the hair’s direction will give you more volume  at the top of your head, and it’ll stop your hairstyle from seeming too dated. Just don’t make the zig-zags too precise – that look’s reserved for 90s popstars only.

7. Dull hair reflects less light and loses vibrancy. Inject some instant radiance with a shine spray like Argan + 5 Oil Miracle Shine Spray £4.99.

8. Keep a bristled back-combing brush in your handbag for instant little volume boosts throughout the day – use it to tease hair at the roots and through the mid-lengths to give your bob the bed-head-factor. We love the Babyliss Back Comb Brush £3.99.