So, the most popular lip colour for brides this year (according to Pinterest) has been revealed…

Finding the best lipstick for wedding make-up can be tricky, but this new popular colour has a plethora of shades to suit any skin tone!

Traditionally, brides have seemed to stick to neutral or pretty pink shades to complement a more natural wedding make-up look. But, the times are changing.

Whether brides are choosing to do their own make-up on the big day (à la Kate Middleton) or letting a professional take the reigns, experimenting with colour and statement shades has been a big trend over the last few years.

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More recently, brides have been opting for brighter lip shades that really pop and accentuate their features. Bright red shades can bring out a bride’s eyes and look striking with a white wedding dress.

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However, there’s a new gorgeous lip shade in town that’s becoming increasingly popular with brides – and we love it! This summer’s top lip look for bride’s is a bold berry colour.

While some may see this as a brave shade choice when it comes to wedding make-up, we love the bold pop of colour coupled with soft wedding dress shades. Plus, what an amazing way to accentuate your eyes and complement another big wedding trend again this summer – real flower crowns.

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The berry lip look is a trend that’s not going anywhere any time soon! According to popular wedding inspiration site Pinterest, this year has seen an increase of 71% for searches relating to that beautiful berry lip look.

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In addition, apparently there’s been a 45% increase in searches for pink eyeshadow make-up looks. We’re guessing this isn’t to wear at the same time as the berry lippy though. Although, each to her own!