Natural make-up always looks great and is ideal for everyday. By layering your products in the right order and not applying too much, this look can leave you fresh-faced and feeling years younger.

1. Natural looking make-up works best on hydrated well moisturised skin so always pre-moisturise before applying your foundation.

2. Use foundation only where you need it such as around your eyes, cheeks and nose. Start at the nose area and spread your foundation lightly, outwards.

3. Only use concealer on blemishes, dark spots or dark circles. Don’t over powder these areas as it can leave make-up looking cakey or sitting in fine lines.

4. To cover dark circles apply three dots of concealer (one shade lighter than your foundation) under your eyes and lightly blend using your ring finger so you don’t pull the delicate skin around the eyes.

5. Invest in a translucent powder that gives a more sheer yet matte finish. Tap off the excess on your brush on the back of your hand before you apply it.

6. Just sweep powder over your T-zone and not over your cheeks as this can often leave skin dry and flaky if you already suffer from dry skin.

7. Add definition with a bronzer. Using a big brush sweep bronzer in a big 3 shape (or backwards 3 shape) on the outside of your face area dipping in along the cheekbones.

8. Try using a good cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks. Not only will this wake up your skin but the creamy formulation will add an instant glow.

9. Apply lots of mascara on your top and bottom lashes. If you want to wear eye shadow apply a light brown eye colour, or your bronzer, as close to your lash-line as possible smudging with your fingers for a really effortless finish.

10. Run an old, dry mascara wand over your eye brows to neaten them up and if you are confident enough use a powder – one shade lighter than your brows – to fill in any gaps. Start at the middle and work outwards.

11. Finally apply a natural dusky pink lip colour (or double up and use your creamy blusher!) and a dab of lip-gloss in the centre of your lips to make them look fuller.