Need some nail-spiration? These cool manicure ideas will get you in the mood to paint!


It’s the quickest, easiest and often cheapest way to update your look. Yes, forget the designer handbag! These manicure ideas for spring are the hottest arm candy around.

Lipstick has long been the barometer of social and economic unease. Known as the ‘lipstick index’, women have been found to forego more expensive luxuries, like shoes and bags, for the affordable indulgence of a new lipstick during periods of recession. But for the first time in, like, ever nail polish sales have outstripped those of lippies, suggesting there’s a new kid on the beauty block.

In fact, us Brits spent £284 million on nail varnish in 2014 – that’s more than 1 million bottles a week. The power of polish is palpable and offers the same kind of feel-good factor as a salon blow-dry or spray tan in minutes.

So what of the new season trends? Well red is back but a deeper, moodier red. Nudes are still in but this summer sees a barely-there, no manicure-manicure type finish. And of course, there are the zingy brights that keep our fingers (and toes for that matter) looking hot all summer.

Check out these new season mani ideas for some serious nail-spiration. Your hands will thank you for it!