Follow our four-step guide and cheat your way to a slimmer looking face and chiseled cheekbones!


Beauty’s best-kept secret is out! Now you can cheat your way to chiseled cheekbones like the A-lister’s. If you’re not blessed with an amazing bone structure like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, don’t worry we can show you how you can get the look at home…

So what’s all the fuss about? Clever contouring can slim your nose, chisel your cheekbones, sculpt away pounds and create the illusion of a lifted, firmer-looking face! Read below to discover how to slim your face with make-up.

Step one – Highlighting

What is it? Highlighting is when you give your skin a natural glow in all the right places which can leave your face looking lifted, youthful and radiant.

How to do it: Focus your highlighter on the highest parts of the face, where light would naturally bounce off. Dab along the tops of cheekbones towards the temples, on the brow bones, halfway down the centre of the nose and between the eyebrows. Also try applying a little on the Cupid’s bow and a touch under the lower lip.


What to use: We love Barry M Radiant Rod Highlighter, £3.99, that is easy to use and affordable.


Step two – Contouring

What is it? Contouring is an amazing technique make-up artists use to sculpt and slim – celebrities swear by it too! Once you know the trick, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

How to do it: You can look Instagram ready by sucking cheeks in and apply a bronzer with an angular brush under your cheekbones. Contour along the jawline, hairline and slim your nose by dusting either side.


What to use: Try using Smashbox Contour Stick Trio, £35, to sculpt with precision thanks to its creamy, blendable formula.

Step three – Applying blusher

What is it? Apply some well placed blusher to stop your look from appearing too harsh with a flush of soft pink blush on your cheeks.

How to do it: Smile in a mirror and add a swirl of blush to the highest point of each cheek. And voila!


What to use: Our pick is Max Factor Crème Puff Blush in Lovely Pink, £8.99, that’s packed with multi-tonal pigments that suit all skin tones.


Step four – Blending

What is it? Don’t give away the tricks of the trade with any harsh lines – blending merges all your make-up together flawlessly for an amazing, perfected look.

How to do it: Simply blend the whole look together by swirling a large powder brush all over your face in circular motions.

BlendWhat to use : Try EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush, £9.99. Its super soft bristles make blending effortless.