Dr Lewinns Renunail Strengthener NudeWe caught up with nail expert Clair Rose who told us, “Taking good care of your health will impact on the condition of your nails so it’s really important to follow a healthy diet. Try and eat lots of nuts and flaxseed oil, tuna, salmon, eggs, soya beans, mushrooms, bananas, milk, yoghurt and whole grains. A deficiency of vitamin B 12 can lead to dry nails so take a good vitamin B complex as it will really help.

Product wise Dr LeWinn’s Renunail Sensitive Strengthener, £12 houseoffraser.co.uk, is my favourite. This incredible nail care treatment is fortified with Pearl Powder and Diamond Dust to strengthen nails – brilliant for slow growing nails too! Apply one thin coat daily for four days straight then remove and repeat three times. Allow your nails to rest for one to two weeks in between each treatment.

Also remember to keep nails short and filed straight across. Use a good emery board; I would suggest a glass file rather than a cheap or metallic board. Use the file across the free edge in order to keep all layers of the nail short so they can grow together.

Oh and always wear rubber gloves when doing the washing up – or alternatively get someone else to do it!”

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