What clues does your favourite lipstick hold? As it turns out, that old matte red that you save for special occasions might say more about you then you think!

You probably haven’t thought about the shape of your favourite lippy before, but according to this test by the by the ‘My Little Paris team’, it could provide an insight into your personality…

The tip of that special shade you’ve worn for a while changes shape over the course of its lifetime, and some say that this shape can provide a glimpse into your personality, goals, and preferences. Is yours pointy, rounded, sloping, concave, or a mixture? It’s time to find out what your lipstick is telling people about you!

Simply compare your favourite lipstick to the ones in the picture below, and then when you’ve found the right shape match, scroll down to discover what the shape of your most-used lippy says about you….

lipstick See what your lipstick reveals about you below, and let us know what result you got on our Facebook page!