Show your nails some TLC and they could be post-mani perfect forever!


It’s all very well slicking on colour after colour, but if your nails are dry and brittle, your mani’s never going to be perfect. You wouldn’t think of colouring your hair without slathering on conditioner and treating it to a mask every so often, so why neglect your nails?

There’s never been a better excuse to really show your talons some love, there’s oodles of strengtheners, conditioners, growth serums, nail-friendly files, you name it, out there, and plenty are at pocket money prices, it would take one trip to the supermarket nowadays to see you stocked up on nail saviours, so why not start now. Make a resolution to toughen up your nails, and keep them in peak condition from here on in. Oh and fyi that means removing nail polish properly too! No more picking! We know it’s tempting, but trust us, opting for an acetone-free remover is the way forward.

Did you know that it’s a myth you need to give your nails a break between painting sessions? As long as you care for them correctly, you won’t ever have to sport a naked nail again! Here are the best nail care products on the high street to help you grow, strengthen and repair your nails for your best mani yet!