model smiling with pink top onJulie Brackenbury, skincare advisor to nurture protect told us, “Rosacea is a rash occurring on the face, sufferers will notice redness, dilated blood vessels and small red bumps. People who work outdoors and are exposed to sunlight are more prone to it – plus stress, spicy foods, smoking and hormones can also contribute.”

Products to try:

  • Sufferers of rosacea can be prescribed a cream by their GP to reduce the inflammation so speak to your doctor.
  • Wear an SPF every day. Try Nurture’s Daily Face Protector SPF30,,  which is lightweight and moisturising to protect skin from the elements.
  • Julie also recommends Synchrorose® that works in about 14 days to reduce redness and increase your skins tolerance to the triggers.
  • Beauty editor Katie uses the Clinique Redness Relief range to sooth skin and mask flushed cheeks.


  • Don’t exfoliate if you suffer from Rosacea! It will irritate the skin.
  •  Try to use non-perfumed products.
  • Use mineral make up as it has far less chemicals
  • Keep a flare-up diary so you can see when the problem gets worse

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Do you use any good products to help with redness?