Lipsticks with built-in primer are the buzz in the beauty world, and Avon has come up trumps with its version of the must-have product.

We all know the importance of applying primer to our skin before our foundation. In the same vein, lip primers are a great way to help ensure the colour stays vibrant and long-lasting – even after you eat and drink.

Clinique’s Pop Lip Colour and Primer has long been a favourite of beauty lovers looking for great, long lasting colour – but at £17 a lipstick, it doesn’t come cheap.

Which is why Avon’s latest launch is causing such a stir.

Created by beauty brand Mark exclusively for Avon, the Epic Lipstick contains a built-in primer to deliver ‘epic colour that lasts.’

But the really great news? It’s priced at just £8, although it’s currently on sale at £5.50 – making it £11.50 cheaper than Clinique’s version!

Available in an impressive 22 shades, the product features a creamy, velvety formulas which promises ‘a comfortable, balm-like feel that glides on to give lips a beautifully smooth, non-cakey finish.’

We definitely like the sound of that – and it seems we’re not alone.

The lipstick has already clocked up plenty of five-star reviews from Avon customers, with one writing: ‘This product does what it says on the tin! It is creamy when it is applied, and it is long lasting. The colour is so pigmented too that it makes your lips pop!’

Another added: ‘This lipstick formula is beautiful – so creamy, non-drying and pigmented. I absolutely love it! I usually spend £15-£20 on premium lipsticks – but this is just as good if not better!’

A third posted: ‘I was very impressed with the coverage of this lipstick and love the shades that are available. It is long lasting and I have receive many compliments and the smoothness when applying and the shades from my friends around me.’

So that just leaves the question: which shade will you be going for?