Who knew city living and that afternoon sugar fix can add years on? Here’s what to do…

Discover what’s really ageing you! Here’s how to look and feel younger this week…


Ager 1: Your stressful meeting

The stress of that dreaded presentation can add years on.   Telomeres, the tips of strands of your DNA, are what keep your cells in good nick and keep your skin plump and youthful.  When these start to fray, our skin sags and looks dull and grey.  Luckily this fraying is reversible.

BEAT IT: On your skin, look for creams that help repair any DNA damage such as Neova DNA Total Repair, £79. 


Ager 2: Your computer screen

Once you’re at your desk and you’ve logged onto your computer, you’re probably there for the next eight hours and this can wreck havoc on your skin.  Not only does all the squinting and frowning at your screen exaggerate any fine lines and wrinkles.

BEAT IT: Pop a mirror by your desk so you can make sure you don’t slip into grumpy resting face too often. Use a cream that is specifically designed to firm skin around the jaw line like Avon Anew Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum, £27.


Ager 3:  City Life

People who live in the city age 10% faster than rural dwellers, in part due to the air – 224 pollutants which kill the proteins that keep skin supple.

BEAT IT: Start by feeding your skin from within by using a daily moisturser that has Q10 and vitamin B3 to help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.  Try Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls, £13.99. 


Ager 4: Your 4pm sweet fix

It’s been a long day, it’s dark outside and you need that sugar fix to get your through the afternoon slump.  But beware, not only is it adding to your waistline, it’s also adding years to your skin.

BEAT IT: Hunt down creams that contain Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) as it works to soothe skin and reduce inflammation.   Give it a super sonic boost with Perricone MD High Potency Evening Repair, £79.50.


Ager 5: Your morning shower

It’s tempting to jump in a hot shower to start the day, but your morning shower could actually ageing your skin! Dousing your skin in warm water for longer than 15 minutes at a time can compromise your skin’s precious lipid layer. Built from fatty acids, the lipid barrier is responsible for maintaining skin’s natural moisture levels.

BEAT IT: If you can’t forgo a long shower, at least turn down the heat! Then make sure you’re using a good quality moisturiser like Murad Body Firming Cream, £39.


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