A brilliant salon experience has the power to transform how you look and feel. So sit back, relax and read on for the Woman Beauty team’s ultimate, book-in-for-now treatments – and save them to your speed-dial!


The lush lashes


If you’ve never been for lash extensions before… then you’re in for a treat! They don’t just make your eyes look wider, but change your whole make-up routine. Sarah Coles at the Lash Perfect Lash Bar in London is your go-to girl for eyelash extensions! The painstaking treatment where each lash is glued on to your own takes about two hours but Sarah is so gentle you’ll almost drift off. They’re so light they feel like your own, natural-born lashes (if only!) and last for about a month. Yes, it’s a tad on the pricey side but with the boost to your self-esteem, and the time you save applying eye make-up, it’s so worth it.

Lash Perfect Russian, from £100, lashperfect.co.uk


The slimming spray tan


For a non-streaky, flawless finish every time book yourself in for a Kissed by Mii tan with celeb fave Shelley Henderson. She has the knack of making you feel totally at ease in nothing but a pair of paper pants, and after carefully assessing your skin tone, she suggests your individual shade. It only takes a speedy 20 minutes (so you can try it on your lunch break) and you can wash off the guide colour the next morning. The result is a streak-free honey shade with no discernible whiff that leaves you looking healthy and disguising lumps and bumps. You’ll get a week out of the colour before it started to fade, and with your feel-good high, you’ll be a regular in no time.

Kissed by Mii Effortlessly Easy Professional Spray Tan, from £20, gerrardinternational.com/salonfinder


The 3-month blow-dry

2. hair

If you’re hair has a habit of looking nice after a DIY blow-dry at home, but not so great arriving wherever you’re going… then step forward the Nanokeratin treatment. It will change your life! Kinks, frizz and flyaways will be a thing of the past! The lovely Alfie at Josh Wood, applies the lotion to your hair and blow-dries it in. There’s a bit of a chemical smell, a bit of steam and a bit of a wait under a heat lamp for the magic to work. It may seem a little thin to start with, and you’re not allowed to wash it for four days. By day three it was pretty lank but once washed, you’ll be delighted. Yes, it will feel a bit thinner, but this is a very small price to pay for no kinks, more manageable locks and – thank the hair gods – no frizz.

Nanokeratin, from £150, nanokeratinsystem.co.uk


The Botox facial


If you’re not quite ready for botox just yet, then there’s a facial that could stave off the needle for a few more years. Enter the Environ Collagen Power Facial. A therapist applies a series of serums that tackles depleting collagen – the reason your pesky new wrinkles. Anyone with claustrophobia beware – a mask is put over your face, while sound waves and pulse currents drive the serum deep into your skin and the ingredients work their magic. Although this isn’t the most relaxing of facials (it’s a little tingly and itchy), your skin WILL look incredible afterwards. Guaranteed.

Environ Collagen Power Facial, £65 (020 8450 2020)