Unlike giving up prosecco and going to the gym five times a week, these look younger resolutions are super easy to keep!

Hello New Year beauty resolutions! Hear that? It’s the sound of your skin cheering! That’s because a few simple tweaks to your diet and beauty regime could mean a younger, fresher-looking you for 2016. It really is this simple to look younger, fresher, more wide awake and healthy, and it won’t cost you the earth!


From swapping your coffee for green tea (we hear Khloe Kardashian is a fan!) and ditching the sweeties, to body brushing away cellulite and curling your lashes for youthful eyes, these New Year beauty resolutions will give your face, hair and body the youth boost they’ve been waiting for. This is what we call easy anti-ageing! Trust us, some of these tips and tricks can leave you looking 5 years younger! Hurrah!

What’s more our tips and tricks don’t involve you going out and buying endless, expensive products. These genius New Year beauty resolutions are simple and quick and easy to do – perfect for busy women everywhere!

So ladies what are you waiting for? Follow these New Year beauty resolutions to knock years off and get your beauty routine off to a brand new start!