The blowdry that's actually GOOD for your hair!



There’s nothing that makes you feel more fancy than having a sleek and swishy blowdry.

Whether it’s at home or in the salon, getting a bouncy Kate Middleton-style ‘do is a great treat for your locks, but not always for their condition.

We all know the heat from styling tools will dry out and split your hair, but what if there was a way you could achieve a glossy and voluminous look, all while giving your hair a deep conditioning treatment, too?

This new blow-dry technique counteracts the damage done by styling with heat with one of the beauty industry’s most loved natural products – coconut oil.

The Groovy Food Company and The Egg Salon have teamed up to create this innovative new way to style your hair. Coconut oil is the perfect choice for a pre-blowdry treatment as it smooths the hair cuticles for a glossier finish.

Coating the hair with coconut oil prior to styling will also give your hair more thickness and volume for a bouncier blowdry. And the best thing about this treatment is it gives good results without using any harsh chemicals, just natural products!

Oh and your hair will smell amazing, too. Think sipping piña coladas on a tropical beach!

How to do the deep conditioning Coconut Blowdry 

Step 1: Take a generous scoop of coconut oil (we used the Groovy Food Company Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil)

Step 2: Warm the coconut oil by rubbing it between your hands in order to make the product softer and more malleable.

Step 3: Apply to dry hair and comb through to ensure even distribution.

Step 4: Wait for 20 minutes, allowing the oil to sink into the hair and be absorbed into the follicles.

Step 5: Rinse hair and gently shampoo it using a soft shampoo to prevent oily residue. No need to apply conditioner!

Step 6: Now take a large round brush and blow dry your hair as normal using no additional products.

Result: Smooth, shiny and soft hair using only natural products.