Wow! Who knew one product could do so much?

No beauty kit would be complete without a humble pot of Vaseline. A quick swipe is the go-to lip salve of choice for women the world over. But beyond soothing chapped lips there is SO much more you can do with this versatile product. And at under £3 for a 250ml tub, it’s easy on the wallet too!


Here are 7 useful things you never knew you could do with your tub

1.Use it as a body scrub

Simply mix a good glob of Vaseline with some coarse sea salt, and voila you have a home-made body scrub. Slather over your legs to create a smooth base before applying your fake tan.

2. Use it as a nail polish remover

This may be hard to believe but you can actually remove nail polish with simple mix of Vaseline, a blob of toothpaste and some lemon juice.

3. Use it to enhance your perfume

Put a small amount of Vaseline on your perfume points before spritzing on your favourite fragrance. It’ll last longer; perfect for a night out into the early hours.

4. Use it to conceal split ends

Dab a small amount onto your split ends to make the leap from flyaway to finesse.

5. Use it as a highlighter

Forget expensive strobing wands. Put a small amount of Vaseline along your cheekbone line to add definition to your face.

6. Use it to stop colour bleed

When dying your hair at home apply Vaseline around your hair line. This helps to prevent dye bleeding into these areas.

7. Use it as a substitute for mascara

This is the perfect holiday hack. Smooth Vaseline along the full length of your lashes to make them appear dewy and fuller. And the best part is there’ll be no risk of panda eyes you go for a dip in the hotel pool.