Joanna Lumley epitomises glamour for us! Right from the beginning of her Ab Fab days, we’ve always admired her outrageous style and her fantastic skin. So what’s her secret?

Well, while we can’t claim this beauty buy takes all the credit, Joanna is said to “adore” it.

This £4.45 blue pot is the very definition of a cult beauty product. Spanning generations, the cold cream has been used by our grandmother’s mothers, and it’s just as brilliant now.

Joanna Lumley is one gorgeous lady who swears by the product, admitting that it’s “Cheap as chips – adore!”

The cream can be used to replenish and revive skin just about anywhere on your body, and is guaranteed to leave you with smooth and polished skin. Simply apply to skin, gentle wipe off with a wet cloth, rinse, and bask in the feel of your baby-soft skin. What could be easier?