Confused about which fake tan to go for? You’ve come to the right place!


Summer is finally here! But we all love being out in the sun, its powerful rays aren’t exactly great for our skin.

We advise wearing an SPF every day during the summer months to protect your skin and faking it instead. While there may be countless fake tans out there, knowing which one is going to leave you looking radiant and golden, and which is going to make you look like an umpa lumpa can be a tricky business.

We’ve tried and tested the most popular tans out there, from the premium tanning kits to the budget mousse celebs swear by – with some surprising results!

But before you invest in a tan, here are the golden rules:

  1. Always exfoliate before applying your fake tan. Use a scrub made out of natural products, as this will be kinder to your skin, and try to opt for one with moisturising ingredients, for smoother skin.
  2. Apply Vaseline around your hairline and inbetween your fingers and toes – the tell-tale fake tanning spots! As for the rest of your body – moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.
  3. After tanning, wear loose clothing that won’t make any lasting marks. This might sound obvious, but no one likes an accidental tan-print with a strapless number!
  4. When you do wash off your tan, make sure the water is lukewarm rather than boiling hot in order to prevent streaks. Warmer water strips your skin, so keep it cool.