What are the worst diets for losing weight? One high profile celebrity personal trainer reveals the one diet he would NEVER recommend if you’re exercising and trying to lose weight…

We all know the rule. No matter how much exercise you do, whether it’s cardio, weight training or a mixture of the two, while it might be good for keeping you trim, toned, fit and healthy, when it comes to weight loss, it’s more about what you eat than how much you hit the gym.

85% of weight loss is down to your diet. So, it’s important to get your meal plans right before you commit to a gruelling exercise regime.

Justin Gelband, a celebrity personal trainer responsible for getting the likes of Victoria’s Secret models in shape before the infamous catwalk show, is a big advocate of eating healthy portions of the right foods in order to give your body the energy it needs. “Food is key to energy,” he explained.

Victoria's Secret PT reveals worst diets 2017

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However, while Justin’s clients have been known to try a range of diets to achieve their envy-inducing figures, there is one diet that the personal trainer has warned that you should never do if you’re looking to lose weight.

“At fashion week some models went on a juice diet and didn’t tell me,” he told Business Insider. “Not one lost weight, some actually gained weight. That got me in big trouble.”

“There’s a time and place for juice fasting – just not for weight loss,” Gelband said. “If you’re on a yoga retreat in Bali, you’re meditating and doing yoga and you want to drink juices because you don’t want any heavy foods in your body, that’s fine.”

It is thought that even healthy juices still contain a lot of sugar – not ideal if you’re looking to lose weight. In addition, when you go to extreme lengths to restrict the amount of calories you’re eating, your metabolism slows down drastically, putting your body into starvation mode. The result? Your body clings on to every calorie you consume – meaning you could actually gain weight. Just like Jason warned!

So, which diet does the pro PT suggest? Apparently  he did suggest that the Paleo diet was a healthy way to help get into shape.