If you’ve had your fill of feta, are bored of Brie or can’t stand to look at Stilton, look no further than Cornish Kern, aka The World’s Best Cheese.

Likened to French Comté or Gruyere, Kern, the delicious dark-rinded cow’s milk cheese comes from Lynher Dairies, Cornwall, which cheese connoisseurs among you may have heard of.

The West Country dairy produced the famous Cornish Yarg thirty years ago. Kern is made in the same vats and is similarly pressed and brined, says the Lynher website.

‘Kern is a very special cheese indeed,’ they write. ‘A hard cheese, firm to the cut but slightly flaky in the middle, it is buttery with caramel notes and a deep savoury aroma. A longer maturing cheese than Yarg, it develops over sixteen months within its handsome black wax coating.’



The delicious Cornish Kern was crowned Supreme Champion by The Guild of Fine Food at the World Cheese Awards. A Blu di Buffala from Italy came in second.

The award ceremony was held in Tobacco Dock in London last month, and judged over 3,000 cheeses from 35 countries. A panel of 250 judges and a Super Jury of experts decided on the top contenders – how do we become panelists?!

It’s great news for British cheeses, but you’ll have to join the queue if you want a taste of the cheesy champion!

Unfortunately, it isn’t available to buy directly from the dairy yet, but if you subscribe on their website, you’ll be the first to know when it is.

Cornish Kern might be the best cheese on the planet, but we’ll still love our old favourites. Unsurprisingly, the humble Cheddar topped UK opinion polls earlier this year, followed by Red Leicester, Brie and Mozzarella.

The survey of 2,000 Britons found that we love cheese so much that 35% of us would eat it as a meal by itself!

Now, we can’t recommend this as a daily indulgence, but research has shown that eating a bit of cheese now and then is actually pretty healthy. Dig in!