Seriously, why has no one ever thought of this before?

Coffee is one of our favourite things. Wine is one of our favourite things. So wine-infused coffee…. wait what?

Yes its true, wine-infused coffee (finally) exists in the world.

This decadent morning brew is the creation of the heroes at the Molinari Private Reserve, a café based in Napa Valley.

Apparently, they soak the coffee beans in wine before roasting them to achieve a unique flavour.

On the Molinari website, they describe the process: “this full-bodied coffee relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history.”

“Then the coffee is carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches.”

The resulting masterpiece is a blend of all the best parts of our two favourite drinks. With hints of blueberry, and a rich, full-bodied flavour, the drink sounds absolutely delicious.

Although the coffee can be drunk black, Molinari advises that the addition of milk makes the wine flavours more pronounced.

Leftovers should be stored in the fridge and served cold.

It’s also worth noting that while the Molinari Private Reserve blend does taste boozy, its completely alcohol-free.

So you’re probably not going to get drunk on your morning coffee. But, if you’re partial to a red wine, then you’ll probably appreciate the taste of this delicious wine-infused coffee.

Can’t wait to try this indulgent brew? You can buy it online for $20 (£16), but it costs an extra $30 (£25) to ship to the UK. Okay, so it’s a little dear, but that’s the price you have to pay for luxury wine-infused coffee beans!

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand (obviously- who wouldn’t want to try it?) the coffee is backordered on their website. Keep checking back to catch them when they restock- we’ll be waiting too!

Wine and coffee…it’s genius.

Molinari Private Reserve—we salute you.