Got a real craving for a naughty chocolate bar or convinced that salty packet of crisps is calling your name? Your body might be trying to tell you that it actually needs something else. From a lack of magnesium to low protein levels, find out what your food cravings really mean and how to banish them the healthy way.


If you’re tempted for a naughty chocolate bar, your body needs magnesium. We all deserve a little chocolate every now and again, but get into the habit of enjoying wholegrains, raw nuts, legumes and seeds to boost your magnesium levels too.


Salty foods
If you’ve got salty foods on the brain, your body is in need of chloride. We need chloride to help maintain our metabolism and keep our acid levels in check. Instead of that salty packet of crisps, get your chloride fix by snacking on olives. Goat’s milk, fish, lettuce and tomatoes are high in chloride too.



Fizzy drinks
Can’t stop thinking about that glass of cola? Your body needs more calcium. Mustard, kale, broccoli, cheese and sesame are your best choices and milk is a great drink swap.


Lack of appetite
If you’ve got a loss of appetite, your body needs more Vitamin B1 and B3. You can find Vitamin B1 in seeds, liver and nuts and Vitamin B1 is found in tuna, pork, beef and seeds.


If you’re craving a carby feast like pasta, your body is in need of nitrogen. We need nitrogen to help build proteins in our DNA, blood, hair, skin and nails. Nitrogen can be found in protein rich foods such as eggs, meat, fish, nuts, and seeds, particularly pumpkin and watermelon seeds.



Fast foods
A slice of pizza may be tempting, but it’s not the healthiest choice. When we crave oily and fatty foods, it often means we actually need calcium. Opt for a healthy green leaf salad with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Plus cheese, yoghurt and broccoli are also great choices.

Cola bottles, foam bananas, gummy bears – whatever your Pick’n’Mix preference, wanting to tuck into your favourite sweets can be one the hardest cravings to not give in to but your body actually needs more chronium, carbon, sulphur, tryptophan and phosphorus. Get into the habit of snacking on cranberries and raisins and incorporate more sweet potato, green vegetables, cheese and chicken into your diet.

food cravings 2

If you tend to overeat, you need more silicon, tryptophan and tyrosine. Cut down on your bread and pasta dishes and start eating more nuts, lamb, green or red fruit and veg and foods with high Vitamin C levels.