Ever wondered what 200 calories looks like? 

You may look at this picture…..

marsAnd think it’s full of calories, but it actually has the same amount of calories as this!


Did you know that there are as many calories in three whole apples as there are in a small knob of butter? Or snacking on 10 Wether’s Originals is just like eating a whole Frankfurter sausage!

Our handy guide tells you exactly what 200 cals looks like when it comes to different foods, so that you can snack and eat more healthily.

According to UK nutritional guidelines women are meant to consume around 1,500 cals per day, while men should be looking at a total of 2,000. Generally, those on a calorie controlled diet limit their intake to around 1,200, but some diets have days with extreme calorie cutting, with dieters only able to eat 500 cals split between breakfast, lunch or dinner.

By sticking to this handy guide, you can limit your potions and control how many calories you are consuming by being more aware of how they add up! Tuck into fruits like kiwis and apples, saving avocado (though it IS still full of healthy fats and nutrients) for more of a treat.

By combining our calorie guide with daily exercise, getting into shape is easy!