If you want to lose a pound or two or trim your tummy or deloat before a night out, read on!

These simple tips and tricks are really handy for when it comes to shifting the extra weight. From what to add to your foods to speed up weight loss, to some great little exercise pointers.

Read on to discover 27 top weight loss tips that really work…

Eat more cheese!

A new study claims that people who consume high-fat dairy products like cheese may have lower body mass index and cholesterol levels…. Pass the camembert!

Try peppermint
Peppermint tea is said to help calm your tummy and relieve bloating.

Peppermint tea

Cook with mushrooms
Mushrooms have high levels of protein and they are digested really slowly too which means they keep your fuller for longer. Plus they are really low in calories!

Take magnesium
If you want to curb your chocolate cravings then apparently the supplement you need is magnesium!

Burn a candle

This may sound crazy but apparently you should burn a vanilla scented candle at home as the sweet scent will curb your sugary cravings!


Get chewing
Chewing every bite of food at least 30 times is really important! It will stimulate your digestive juices, which helps food to get broken down quicker, AND it will also prevent you from swallowing less air, thus feeling less bloated.

Drink coffee after food
Try not to drink your morning coffee on an empty tummy as it can go straight to your bloodstream and trigger the stress hormone in your body called cortisol to be released. Cortisol is what makes your body store fat!

Spice it up!
If you can handle the heat, add plenty of chilli to your cooking. The capsaicin found in the food can increase your metabolic rate.

Limited alcohol

Try keeping alcohol to the weekends only as it just contains empty calories! A glass of wine has about 125 calories and because our bodies don’t use those calories well, they usually get converted directly into fat! Ekk!


Drink coffee

Try drinking a coffee an hour before working out as it will help to energise your exercise and you’ll burn more calories!

Add cinnamon to your water each day

The spice can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels – which helps with weight loss. Some studies claim that cinnamon can cut up to 13 pounds of fat a year, especially if you’re swapping it for a morning cup of tea or coffee.

Reduce carbs

A week before you are due to go away simply cut out all white carbs so things like rice, pasta, bread rolls. This will instantly slim as it will help to de-bloat your tummy, plus it will stop you overeating as you often feel more hungry quicker after these kinds of food.

Enjoy breakfast
Always try and eat a big healthy breakfast to fill you up and stop you snacking. Experts say about 300 calories is good and you should mix proteins and whole grains.


sleeping 420Sleep well
Are you getting enough shut-eye? Sleep can help keep you slim as it regulates the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Leptin can maintain energy levels and keep your appetite low.

Exercise little and often

If you cant get to the gym try doing small bouts of exercise each day either before or after work. Things like star jumps in the garden, stomach crunches in front of the TV or even a bogie on the spot while washing the dishes will help! Anything to burn a few extra calories!

Try a meal replacement shake

Having tried and tested this one for ourselves, we can recommend if you’re looking for noticeable results, in minimal time, try Protein World’s Slender Blend. Just replace two meals a day with the filling shakes (strawberry gets our vote), eat one well-balanced third meal with healthy snacks and you could see a difference in your first week! The Weight Loss Collection and additional metabolism boosting capsules are now stocked in Superdrug so it’s super easy to find what products are best for you. We combined Slender Blend with Hunger Buster capsules and CLA capsules losing 5lb in 7 days.


Take the stairs
If you want a better body then it’s time to end your relationship with the lift. Your new best friend is… the stairs. It counts as aerobic exercise!

Limit processed foods
They’re full of harmful chemicals and often high in calories. Think fresh!


Drink water!
You may have heard it a million times before BUT keep drinking water. Can you honestly say you’re getting your recommended two litres a day? It’s great for your metabolism and has other benefits, including hydration.

Base your meals around protein
Protein burns a larger amount of calories during digestion, which will give your weight loss a boost. Diets such as the Dukan Diet and Weight Watchers focus around this.

Still enjoy treats!
Don’t deprive yourself of what you love for too long – this is likely to lead to binge-eating your favourite foods and set you back.


woman-eating-chocolatesDon’t skip meals
Skipping meals seems like a good idea to cut down on calories… WRONG. Two things are likely to happen: You’ll overeat at the next meal, or your metabolism will go into sleep mode and you’ll burn fewer calories.


Add chromium
Make sure you’re getting enough chromium in your diet. Chromium helps to cut sugar cravings by aiding metabolism, controlling blood sugar, and helping to convert food in to energy.

Watch your portions
Use a smaller plate to help cut down on portion size. Your serving sizes are likely to fill your plate – bad news if you’re using large ones!


Cut out fizzy drinks
Regular fizzy drinks are laden with sugar and calories, but diet alternatives are also bad for you. American research has shown that people who drink diet fizzy drinks tend to have a higher BMI than those who drink the regular options.

Add yoghurt
Natural yoghurt contains live bacteria, which aids digestion, helping you get a flatter tum, fast.

If you sip on cranberry juice
Not only is it great for your skin, it also has diuretic properties that will flush out toxins and de-bloat your tum and waist.

Cut down on the salt
We all know sugar is basically the devil when it comes to weight gain, but your salt intake could be affecting your waistline too! Check packets for salt intake and try to stick to foods that aren’t processed.

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