You don’t need a big diet overhaul to lose weight before summer. In fact just a few simple changes is all you need to see a big difference. Not only will you look slimmer but you will feel better too! Here’s how to burn an extra 400 calories a day – it’s really that easy!

Swap your milky latte for an Americano with skimmed milk

Go for a 30-minute speed walk at lunchtime

Snack on olives or rice cakes rather than peanuts and crisps

Try swapping meaty sausages for Quorn ones

Total saving – 400 cals!


Swap cheese on toast for beans on toast

Trim all the fat off your meat before cooking and drain off excess fat and oils

Downside your large fizzy drink to a small one when eating out

Change hard cheeses for creamy avocado slices in your lunchtime sandwich

Total saving – 400 cals!


Leave the butter off your toast in the morning and opt for jam instead

Reduce all portions of carbs by half and replace with extra for salad and veg

Loose the creamy salad dressing and go for lemon and oil or balsamic vinegar

When ordering a takeaway go for steamed rice over special fried rice

Total saving – 400 cals!


Swap a pain au chocolate for a toasted crumpet with a teaspoon of chocolate spread

Swap your pasta and pesto for a fresh tomato and vegetable sauce

Want any ice cream? Have it in a bowl instead of a cone to save calories

Try making your sandwich with mustard rather than mayo

Total saving – 400 cals!


Swap 2 whole scrambled eggs for 4 scrambled egg whites or 1 poach egg to save calories at breakfast

Swap a jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw for one with baked beans and salad

Instead of a chocolate brownie try an aero mousse

Always choose a pizza with a thin base and swap pepperoni for ham, chicken, sweet corn or tuna

Total saving – 400 cals!


green salad

Switch your usual can of tuna in oil for tuna in spring water

Downsize your wine from a large glass to a small and save instant calories

Swap the croutons in your salad for extra crunchy veg such as celery or peppers

Choose plaice over cod or haddock at the chippy

Total saving – 400 cals!

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