We’ve finally unlocked the secret to trim and toned thighs through these personal trainers to the stars and fabulous fitness experts! All you need is 15-20 minutes a day and a bit of space at home and voila! you’re on the road to your best legs yet. Shorts and skirts at the ready!

Carley Rowland; Physiologist and Personal Trainer at Speedflex says, “No equipment should mean no excuse for strengthening up your legs, because in reality you don’t need to have anything but a space to do some exercises in.” Carley and the Speedflex team recommend these moves for toning thighs at home…


This classic move is a popular and easy way to tone your legs that uses basically all of your leg muscles. Simply stand with your feet shoulder width apart and slowly bend at the hips then knees, poking your bottom back and sinking your weight through your heels. It should feel like you’re about to sit on an imaginary chair behind you. Try doing up to 20 of these a day.


This will help you build strength in your legs and is great for toning wobbly thighs. Stand with one foot far in front of the other (split stance), slowly bend the knees and sink down, keeping hips even. Because you have a narrower base of support, it requires more balance and therefore uses more stabilising muscles in your legs.

toning-thighs-at-home-lungeGlute bridges

This move is great for toning you bum! Lay on your back with knees bent, and slowly elevate your hips as far in the air as possible, keeping your hips even and your back reasonably straight.

glutebridge-toning-thighs-at-home-Step ups

Grab anything resembling a step (bench or actual steps indoors or out – you can even do this on the first step of your stairs), and literally step up and down. A very functional movement and the single foot contact is great for challenging your balance and coordination.

Step-ups-toning-thighs-at-homeSide lunges

Facing forward with a very wide stance (feet well beyond shoulder width), slowly lean to one side (bending that knee, and leaving the other straight). Repeat for the other side. Great for strengthening the legs individually and in a different direction, challenging the muscles in a different way.

lunges-toning-thighs-at-homeAdd some weights

If you want to make the exercises a bit harder – and even more effective – then hold some weights in your hands while you do the moves above. If you don’t have any actual gym weights at home, then full bottles of water, soup cans or even carefully sealed bags of flour can work to increase the resistance of your exercises and increase how quickly you tone up!


Celebrity Personal Trainers (and the people behind Davina McCall’s fab physique), Jackie and Mark Wren, said: “We’ve just launched the ‘Whole Earth Wonder-Fuel Workouts’, an exclusive series of  free, high intensity online workouts to fit with a busy lifestyle. We’ve created one that solely targets the legs that is perfect if you’re looking to workout at home.” They recommend these moves for toning wobbly thighs at home…

Side Jumps

This is a really fun cardiovascular exercise and is great for legs/bottom and abs. Simply balance on your right leg with the left leg bent behind. With weight distributed over your toes, spring onto the left leg and bring your bent right leg up behind. Make sure you land on the toe and gently lower the heel to the ground. You can swing your arms to keep momentum and balance. This is a similar move to ice skating! Continue to do this for three sets of 20 reps every day.

To intensify the exercise jump as high and as wide as possible.


Ballet Squats

The ballet squat is wider than a regular squat and tones the whole leg and bottom. Stand with your feet more than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out and feet flat on the ground, and hold your tummy muscles tight for the whole exercise. Looking straight ahead, slowly bend your knees and lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and keep your core stable. Be careful not to take your knees over your feet. Rise back up slowly. Do three sets of 15 reps every day.

You can lift your heels but only on the way UP. This will intensify core stability and work the calf muscles.