Like many of us, Jennifer Ellison has struggled with putting on weight, having done some pretty drastic yo yo dieting in the past. 

The mum of three admits that during tough times, it was snacking on comfort food that kept her going.

‘I really neglected myself and took no time for myself at all, and I didn’t look after my fitness or my health,’ the former actress explained.

But now, with her own dance school and an enviously trim figure, Jennifer is looking better than ever. So what’s the one diet rule she swears by?

Cutting out sugar!

Many of us don’t realise how dependent on sugar we actually are, with foods that are masquerading as healthy options alarmingly harbouring secret spoonfuls of the stuff.

Jen admitted that she became dependant on sugar, previously drinking up to eight cans of Coke a day. This habit led her weight to rise to 14 stone at her heaviest.


Jen, back in October speaking on ITV show Lorraine

To help combat her addiction, Jen took part in new ITV drama Sugar Free Farm, where she had to go cold turkey from sugar, alcohol and processed foods.

For Jen, giving up the sweet stuff wasn’t easy.

‘I got hit the hardest with withdrawal, as my sugar intake was the highest.

‘I was picking carrots with Jane on the farm and every time I bent down I felt like someone was standing on my eyeballs. I felt physically sick.

‘I had the worst headache I’ve ever, ever felt. If you’ve ever detoxed, take that feeling and times it by 10.’


After the show, Jen has continued to adopt a healthier lifestyle, taking her sugar intake down an incredible 90%.

‘It’s educated me about making the right choices as a wife and a mum. I’ve learnt more about cooking and looking after myself,’ she explained.

‘It’s definitely changing. When you lose a stone-and-a-half you feel better health-wise but I’m feeling better about myself physically now too.’

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