The Pippa Middleton diet plan that keeps the Duchesss of Cambridge’s sister in such great shape…

Ever since she caught the world’s attention as her sister’s maid of honour at the royal wedding in 2011, Pippa Middleton won praise for her fantastic fit and healthy figure.

As Pippa Middleton’s wedding day approached earlier this year, the 33-year-old was seen out jogging with her now-husband James in the area surrounding their London home.

Following their wedding, where Pippa looked sensational in a lace Giles Deacon gown, and Pippa’s dreamy honeymoon, we not only wanted to steal Pippa’s style, but we wanted to know the secrets of the Pippa Middleton diet plan too!

So, what is her secret?

Previously, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister revealed, “two of my greatest passions” are, “delicious food and an active, healthy lifestyle.” So, it is likely that this perfect combination of a healthy, balanced diet and frequent exercise is what keeps Pippa so slim.

Pippa’s exercise regime

The Middleton’s have always been an active family, with both Kate and Pippa, as well as their brother and parents enjoying sports together such as tennis and skiing. Pippa takes part in both sports competitively as well as for pleasure in her spare time. A few years ago the socialite even took part in a cross-country ski-race in Sweden!

pippa middleton diet plan

As well as her love of sport and regular runs with hubby James, Pippa is also known to love hitting the gym.

The Daily Mail reported that Pippa Middleton wrote in a magazine about what she does during her gruelling gym session:

“I always thought weight-training was for those wanting to build a bulky body and not for creating a lean, feminine shape – but I was wrong.”

“Weight-training, strengthening and conditioning are relevant to all women and all ages.”

“I’ve discovered that including at least one session a week of this sort will transform all areas of your daily life – be it having more physical strength to go cycling up a challenging hill to carrying children and heavy bags simultaneously.”

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Sounds like Pippa has been lending a hand with her two nephews and niece – little Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis!

Pippa also provided a 10-week tone-up plan to Waitrose which includes a fitness plan of easy exercises you can try at home. You can read it for free here.

Personal trainer Matt Roberts revealed, “I know she runs, swims, and does Pilates and gym work.”

Sources also say that Pippa likes to work out with super slim sister Kate at the Palace, so the pair can stay in shape together. Apparently the sisters spend time together in the gym at Kensington Palace, doing cardio, lunges, crunches, squats, planks and push ups.

The Pippa Middleton diet plan

When it comes to her diet, Pippa isn’t one to skip meals to stay slim. She also won’t cut carbs as a method of losing weight. She has said previously, “I try to eat whole-grain, energy-fuelled carbohydrates and three meals a day.”

However, if she has a big event coming up (say a wedding with the entire world’s eyes watching) then Pippa will cut alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods from her diet completely.

Pippa released a cookery book with the British Heart Foundation last month, in which she revealed some of her favourite recipes. You can find the recipes for some of her best low-cal meal ideas below. Including the Pippa Middleton breakfast ideas that keep her looking so slim…

Pippa has also been papped holding a Bodyism Serenity shake which is known to help soothe serves and aid a restful night’s sleep – as well as being great for your skin.

The Pippa Middleton diet plan of sticking to healthy balanced eating habits and a regular exercise regime mean that her diet is sustainable. It is also easier to maintain a constant weight. You should always consult a doctor and nutritionist before embarking on a weight loss program.