TV chef Nigella Lawson, 52, has obviously been resisting her more indulgent creations – as she’s dropped two dress sizes in the past six months! Nigella showed off a trim new waist in this flattering black frock after steadily slimming down from a size 16 to a size 12.

How she did it: Nigella’s weight loss has been sensible, slow and steady. Despite rumours she’s been following celeb diet guru James Duigan’s Clean and Lean diet – which involves cutting out refined foods, caffeine and sugar – friends say the biggest difference has come from a new passion for exercise, including agility training with Pilates and yoga.

What she says: ‘There’s a range we are comfortable within and I don’t like it when I go above that. But I’ve got no desire to go below it. If I lost 40lb, I would age ten years straightaway. That’s my excuse!’