The former Spice Girl and Mum of three, 36, is in amazing shape considering she only gave birth to daughter Madison in September last year. As she proved when she hit the red carpet at the Hunger Games premier in London recently.

How much did she lose?  Nearly 2-and-ahalf-stone in 20 weeks. She’s also done some serious toning up!

How did she do it?  Mel became the face of diet company Jenny Craig in Australia. The plan involves you eating nothing but calorie controlled Jenny Craig ready meals, plus fresh veg. You have weekly meetings or phone calls with your Jenny Craig adviser and, when you’ve lost the weight, they help you move back onto normal food. Mel, who has always been an exercise fan, has also been hitting the gym and running.

Mel says: “I [used to have] a six pack! I was very lean and fit. [After Madison] I gained a lot of weight. My legs, my butt, my tummy, my arms… it’s absolutely everywhere. I was indulging – basking in my pregnancy. But when you’ve just had a baby, you want to get back into shape and remember what you felt like nine months ago.’
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