There is nothing worse than that uncomfortable bloated feeling, especially in this heat and in the run up to summer holidays when you want to feel trim and slender. Thankfully these quick and easy tips and food swaps will help you do just that! By making a few simple changes you can help your body naturally de-bloat and feel better in a matter of days! No gimmicks or expensive treatments just easy changes that everyone can try today!

Read on to discover how to de-bloat your tummy fast!

How to de-bloat


Pull some shapes with a spot of yoga

Yoga is a great way to help de-bloat, and ease an uncomfortable or swollen stomach. The twists and holds help get rid of toxins, engage your stomach muscles and stretch out your stomach. Plus, all those down dogs and planks will help you to tone up too! Poses such as the Bow pose, Wide-Legged Forward Bend C, extended warrior 2 and Wind-Relieving Pose are all great for specifically targetting the stomach and helping it de-bloat.

Drink hot water with lemon each morning

Difficult in the heat, but a great way to de-bloat first thing. Fresh lemon slices and hot water will flush out any unwanted materials and toxins from the body.

Drink cranberry juice

Swap orange juice for natural cranberry juice instead. Cranberry juice is a diuretic and encourages the body to flush out excess fluids.

Add kelp to your diet

It contains several minerals, which have been found to assist the breakdown of fat and relieve water retention. It also contains high levels of iodine, which helps to create thyroid hormones in the body. If you can’t face eating seaweed then take it in supplement form.

Lancashire cheeseAvoid dairy

Feel discomfort after eating dairy products? Then try using replacements such as almond milk, especially in the mornings.


Try ginger

Drink ginger lemongrass tea before bed to wake-up feeling less bloated.

Avoid red meat

It takes the stomach a long time to break down the fats and properly digest them.

Eat leafy greens

Try eating lots of green vegetables, including kale. As well as containing lots of water, they’re also a good source of B vitamins, which discourage bloating.

Swap ingredients in your cooking

Replace fat with herbs and spices, which will boost flavour and combat that bloated feeling. Spices like cinnamon, turmeric and ginger are great digestive aids, while rosemary treats intestinal gas.

Chew fennel

For fresh breath plus a de-bloating effect, chew on fennel seeds.

Introduce artichokes into your diet

They’re a fat-busting food which is low in carbs and high in fibre. We suggest steaming them and adding lemon juice and olive oil.

debloat sleepSleep well

Get those precious eight hours of sleep when you can, as catching the zzz’s help speed up your metabolism and digestion.

Reduce your sugar

Step away from the sweeteners and opt for something natural like green stevia powder instead.

Go natural

Start the day right with natural yoghurt – it helps with your digestive system, which can help you on your way to a flatter tum.

Turn totally tropical

Enzymes in pineapple and papaya help to banish the bloat by breaking down protein and easing digestion.


Eat super foods

There’s a reason quinoa is included in super food salads – it contains fibre and potassium (among other nutrients) which are important to feel less bloated.

Toasting red wineReduce your wine intake

Not the easiest thing to do when you fancy a chilled glass of white wine after work! If you can’t cut out alcohol at least cut down on it. All alcohol dehydrates the body, which leads to bloating.

Find a supplement that works for you

We love Mega Probiotic ND, ÂŁ18.50, It contains all the right microorganisms to restore gut harmony.

Eat asparagus

Asparagus is a diuretic, meaning it helps to flush out water from the body and reduce the build up of stomach gas. Get munching as its low in calories too.

Avoid beans!

Stay clear of baked beans, which can bring on bloating and gas.

Get moving!

Help sweat out the excess sodium with some cardiovascular exercise.

Enjoy oatmeal

Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal, which is high in fibre. A fibre rich diet can help keep bloating at bay.

Add bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps to bring down your sodium levels, so get peeling!

Avoid bread

Reducing your intake of bread can help beat the bloat. Opt for a salad instead of a wrap and cut the bread from your soup. Go for wholemeal instead of white if you still need a carb fix.

Snack on watermelon

Watermelon contains high levels of water, which makes it perfect to help combat any bloated feelings.


Reduce portions

If your dinners are always giving you that post-Christmas dinner full feeling, re-think your portion sizes and eat less but more often. It’s a great trick pre-holiday!

Say no to salt

Put down the shaker and cut down on the salt. High sodium levels can be the reason for that bloated feeling, so watch how much you’re adding.

Drink coconut water

Loved by the A-listers, add coconut water to your shopping list if you want a flatter tummy, plus it’s also high in potassium.

Go for peppermint

Aiding stomach digestion, swap your English breakfast tea for a peppermint one to help speed up your metabolism.

debloat eatingDigest your food

Chewing slowly, with your mouth closed, helps break down food better for digestion and lowers the amount of swallowed air taken in.

Snack on celery

So low in calories, not only is celery one of your healthiest options of snack choice, but it’s also a great de-bloating food.


Eat avocados

High in potassium, avocado is a great option to help you slim down.

debloat waterDrink lots

We all know water is good for us but it’s especially important if you want to beat the bloat as it helps clean out your system taking excess sodium with it.

Say no to the cola!

Fizzy drinks can cause trapped gas so get into the habit of switching the bubbles for water with a hint of lemon.

Chew gum

It’s an odd one, but chewing gum can actually make you feel more bloated as you swallow more air. In between meals, swap your gum for a healthy snack instead.