She’s one of the world’s most famous yo-yo dieters, but latest pics of actress Kirstie Alley show her looking even thinner than ever!

How much has she lost How long have you got? In the past, Kirstie’s weight has peaked at nearly 17 stone. She got down to 12 stone following the Jenny Craig diet before appearing on Oprah in a bikini in 2006, but the weight didn’t stay off for long. But in the past year, Kirstie has lost over 7 stone and as this new pic shows, she isn’t showing any sign of stopping…

How did she do it this time? She started losing weight after coming up with her own diet programme, but things really got going en she competed in last year’s Dancing with The Stars. Since then she’s kept dieting and dancing.

Kirstie recently tweeted “NO surgery, NO flippin lasers, NO barfing, NO starving…Jeez…my products, organic food, dance.’

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