Time to detox with these top celebrity tips...

Right now, plenty of us will be feeling like we want to detox ever so slightly in preparation for the summer – whether we just cut down on our calorie intake, stop drinking alcohol or take up exercise – the months before the warmer weather are the time to make a change!

And who better to teach us a thing or too about staying trim than the A-list! We’ve discovered some of Hollywood’s best-kept celeb detox secrets, so you too can get glowing skin, a flat tummy and shiny hair without spending a fortune!

When it comes to looking good for events or the red carpet, celebrities often need to get in shape quick, so they have some pretty hand knowledge about detoxing when you’re feeling a little less than your best. Plus, the camera on the red carpet never lies – what you see is what you get so the A-list like to get in shape so they look good in front of the paparazzi!

From Kate Hudson to Anna Friel and Beyoncé, these are the celebrity detox secrets we will be stealing this summer, so we can look and feel good too!