He’s the man behind the hugely popular ‘lean in 15’ videos, with his own cookbook series and a DVD on the way in December. Now, Joe Wicks (a.k.a the Body Coach) is back again with a Body Coach TV show under his belt too.


Named Joe Wicks: The Body Coach the new Channel 4 series promised to bring Joe’s, ‘eat more, train less body confidence revolution to the whole nation’. All hosted by, ‘high-octane’ Joe Wicks with his cheeky smile and perfect locks.

The Body Coach TV show sounded promising. However, not everyone was impressed with Joe Wicks’ TV debut.

While The Guardian described him as, ‘seductive’ and ‘sincere’, The Daily Mail branded him, ‘Britain’s most insanely irritating celebrity’. Unfortunately many viewers seemed to agree with them.

However, with 1 million people tuning in to watch the show, Joe isn’t seeming to let the criticism bother him.

And besides, he’s still got plenty of supporters!


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