Want to lose weight before your hols? We know it can be hard going, especially when there’s so many tempting treats around (hello ice cream, BBQs and afternoon G&Ts).

BUT it is possible, especially when you’ve got a foolproof, easy-to-follow weight loss plan like ours! All you need to do is to stick to at least 5 of these 9 rules and you’ll lose weight (around 5 pounds!) in just 1 week – simples.

Obviously the more you choose, the more you’ll lose, but we all know dieting, especially around this time of year, can be tricky, so this plan fits in with each individual lifestyle. Start now, and by this time next week you’ll be feeling far lighter!

1. Only drink water

If you’re anything like us, who love a morning coffee or cheeky glass of vino, a lot of the calories you consume are likely to be liquid. Water, on the other hand, has zero calories and carbs, making it the perfect diet drink! It will leave your skin, hair and nails looking fab too!

2. Ban refined carbs like white bread and pasta

Simple carbs are bad, bad, bad if you want to slim down. Tuck into extra veggies or salad instead.

3. Do half an hour’s cardio a day

Even just a quick run in the morning does wonders for your metabolism. In fact, anything that gets your heart rate up will burn calories. Half an hour a day is said to burn 200-300 cals.

4. Drink a cup of coffee one hour before your work out

Now here’s a rule we can get on board with! Okay, so it might be an exception to the only-water rule – but we’ll let you off in this instance! Drinking a cup of black coffee means you’ll push yourself harder in a workout without even realising it.

5. Do 36 lunges every other day

This should take hardly any time at all and really does work! This gym staple is also great for toning, so you’ll look firmer and leaner too.

6. Get an extra half an hour’s sleep a night

The link between not getting enough sleep and weigh gain has been proven time and time again. You’ll make better food choices if you’ve had enough kip, and plenty of sleep also boosts your metabolism.

7. Cut one big indulgence

What’s your biggest weakness? Chocolate, chips, booze? Cut it out! (For the week, at least…)

8. Eat salmon and salad for lunch

Salmon is packed full of nutrients that help muscle tone, while salad is low on calories. Alternate between these two lunch choices.

9. Drink green tea

Full of antioxidants, de-bloating green tea is fab for making you look slimmer and speeding up your body’s ability to burn fat.