Lose up to 2lb a week with the new 4:3 diet...

For those of you who loved the 5:2 and saw amazing results, prepare to get your pre-summer shape-up off to a great start with the 4:3 diet that could see you lose up to 2lb in a week!


So how does it work? Well the new plan by LighterLife Fast sees you fasting for three days instead of the usual two to help you lose more weight while still treating yourself! Intermittent fasting, where you eat fewer calories for a number of days a week, is ideal for helping you shed any unwanted weight, just follow these five 4:3 rules…


  1. Fast for three days a week then eat and drink healthily, around 2,000 calories daily, on the remaining four days. Fasting on non-consecutive days is often easier, but pick whatever works best for you.
  2. On the four non-Fast days pick from the healthy, calorie-counted meal and snack suggestions included here, then add in snacks and treats to reach 2,000 calories.
  3. On Fast days eat around 600-800 calories a day. Choose nutrient-rich foods to boost your health and make sure you’re getting a good balance of protein, fibre, essential fats, vitamins and minerals your body needs.
  4. On non-Fast days make fruit and veg the focus of your meals with pulses, wholegrains, reduced-fat dairy products, and lean red meat, poultry, fish and eggs.
  5. Stay hydrated, particularly on your Fast days, by drinking lots of water. You can also have tea and coffee, black or with a splash of milk. Tablet sweeteners and calorie-free drinks are also fine, but avoid other drinks.

Here are some great meal ideas that will help your fast days fly by….

49 calorie banana pancakes

These low cal pancakes are totally flourless and gluten free! Watch our 15 second video on how to make them