Lose weight without even trying with our easy calorie cutting tricks…


YES! We’ve found 15 easy ways to cut over 200 calories! Did you know that cutting just 200 cals from your daily diet will result in you shedding a massive 20 pounds in a year without even trying? Here’s how you can do it with a few simple changes to your daily eating habits…

Make your own gravy, as shop bought stuff is full of salt and sugar. Save 250 cals. 

Swap lamb or beef for turkey in roast dinners and sandwiches. Save 220 cals. 

Watch the added extras. As delicious as it is, cauliflower cheese is a whopping 240 calls for a small portion. Have a Yorkshire pud instead, coming in at just 40 cals. Save 200 cals. 

Swap Ben  & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream for the Frozen Yoghurt verion. Save 230 cals

When making a Thai curry use reduced fat coconut milk. Save 316 cals per tin.

Swap ham for turkey in a sandwich. Save 230 cals.

Half fill your wine glass and top up with sparkling water. Save 300 cals in two glasses.

Use Quorn not beef mince if your spag bol or shepherd’s pie. Save 225 cals.

Take the skin off that chicken breast. Save 200 cals

Buy Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Sticky Toffee Pudding. Save 236 cals.

Switch your supermakret curry for a Tesco Light Choices Chicken Tikka Masala and swap a naan bread for a vegetable samosa. Save 400 cals.

If you absolutely MUST go to McDonalds as a extra special treat… Swap a Big Mac for a Cheeseburger. Save 200 cals.

Swap 500ml of Coke for Diet Coke. Save 215 cals.

Swap mayo for yoghurt. If you use around 2 tablespoons of yoghurt rather than mayo, you’ll save around 225 cals!

Swap juice for water. Did you know knocking back two glasses of fruit juice orange juice adds up to 200 cals, where as water has absolutely none! Save 200 cals. 

Swap mashed potato for mashed sweet potato or butternut squash. Save 25o cals per serving. 

Go for an espresso rather than a latte and skip on sugar. Save 200 cals. 

Swap spagetti for courgetti. Grated or spiralized courgetti is all the rage now, with fab recipes popping up everywhere! Click here to see some ideas on how to cook courgetti. Save around 280 cals.

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