This gorgeous fragrant coconut curry is a satisfying meal in a bowl  – it’s bursting with flavour and so easy to make too!

Vietnamese Chicken Curry 1SERVES 4



2tbsp rapeseed oil

3tbsp Thai Green Curry Paste

800g skinless chicken thighs, cut into chunks

1 onion, chopped

2tsp garlic, crushed

2tsp smoked sliced chillies (we used English Provender)

3tbsp Thai fish sauce

1tbsp sugar

2tsp lemongrass paste

2.5cm ginger, peeled, grated

300ml chicken stock

400ml can coconut milk

2 sweet potatoes, cut into chunk

1 bunch basil

1 bunch coriander

1 Heat oil in a large pan, add Thai curry paste and chicken. Cook for a few mins, turning, to seal.

2 Add the onion and cook for a few mins, to soften.

3 Stir in the garlic, chillies, fish sauce, sugar, lemon grass and ginger.

4 Tip in the chicken stock, coconut milk and sweet potatoes. Simmer for 20 mins.  Cool completely and freeze in a foil container.

5 To serve. Warm through at 150C, Gas 3 from frozen for 1 hour.

5 Reserve a few coriander leaves. Put the remaining basil leaves and coriander leaves into a blender with 3 ladelfuls of curry liquid. Whiz to combine to make a bright green herby liquid. 

6 Pour the herby mixture into curry and stir to combine. Serve in bowls, finished with coriander leaves. Serve with boiled Jasmine rice to satisfy the hungry crew.

Per serving: 394 cals, 20g fat (12g saturated), 20g carbs