Pancake Day, perhaps our favourite foodie holiday, is here! These are our ultimate pancake recipes, which include sweet and savoury toppings that your family will love.

Not sure where to begin? From zingy prawn salsa pancakes to gluten, sugar and dairy-free pancakes, we’ve rounded up a selection of easy and delicious pancake recipes that will suit every taste.

Pancake novices will rejoice at our basic pancake batter recipe, which shows you how to get your base right. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start showing off to friends and family, load up on toppings and maybe even attempt a flip or two – don’t worry if it falls on the floor!

Once you have your plain pancake, it’s time to choose a topping (or four). You can’t go wrong with traditional lemon and sugar, or natural yoghurt topped with berries.

Are you ready for something sweet after battling through January? Our Food Editor’s recipe for banoffee pancakes will satisfy your cravings without going overboard on sugar. Just remember a non-stick pan for this one! If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and prefer your pancakes savoury and sophisticated, look no further than Gow’s London’s oh-so-grown-up oyster pancake. It’s certainly one of the most daring pancake recipes, but nonetheless a delicious alternative on Shrove Tuesday.

Savoury pancakes can also be made vegetarian with a few tweaks. Click on our spinach and ricotta pancake recipe for a veggie-friendly pancake that meat-eaters will also adore. Kit yourself out with a non-stick frying pan, whisk, spatula, butter or oil, flour, milk, eggs and your chosen toppings, and enjoy whipping up a feast for your loved ones. Remember, the first pancake is always a bit dodgy, so don’t be disheartened!

What should the pancake mixture look like?

* The mixture needs to be the consistency of double cream.  A thinner mixture, which is more like the consistency of single cream, will make extremely thin pancakes, which will be very tricky to turn over.

* If you’re new to making pancakes, the thicker the mixture, the easier it will be to turn over the pancakes.

* Our recipe combines 100g flour, 2 eggs and 300ml of milk. Start off adding 200ml of milk – better to have too little milk than too much!

What pan should I use for pancakes?

Keep one pan at home just for pancakes! It needs to be non-stick and shallow.

Help! I’ve followed the recipe and the pancakes are still sticking?

Always heat the pan up with 1tsp sunflower oil until really hot before adding the mixture. Repeat between pancakes. Use a palette knife to turn them over.

Pancake Day 2018 is on Tuesday 13th February. Keep scrolling for our favourite pancake recipes below…