Everyone loves this British classic, toad-in-the-hole, but here’s how to add veg and turn it into a complete one-pot meal.


2tbsp oil

8 sausages

250g plain flour

4 eggs

300ml milk

200g carrots or pumpkin, cut into chunks

200g parsnips, cut into chunks

200g potatoes, cut into chunks




1 Heat the oven to 220C, Gas 7. Put the oil and sausages into a large roasting tin. Cook for 10 mins.

2 Meanwhile, put the flour, eggs, milk and pinch of salt into a processor and whiz together until smooth. (Or use a hand whisk in a bowl to mix to a smooth batter).

3 Turn the sausages over and add the carrots, parsnips and potatoes to the roasting tin, spacing out well. Pour the Yorkshire pudding batter around the sausages and vegetables.

4 Cook for 40 mins (without opening the oven door) until the batter becomes puffy and rich golden brown and the vegetables are tender.

Per serving: 762 cals, 38 g fat (12g saturated), 77g carbs

TIMESAVER: Use a 125g batter mix and 400g prepared vegetables .

MAKE IT HEALTHIER: Use low fat sausages and skimmed milk. Switch the root vegetables to lower carb mediterrean vegetables such as onions, peppers and courgettes

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