Here’s how to make seriously impressive, super puffy Yorkshires. Use fluted flan tins for ridged sides and pile in the beef for a show-stopper!


6 tsp goose fat

175g plain flour

2 large eggs

300ml milk

1tbsp thyme leaves

6 thyme sprigs





1 Heat the oven to 210C, Gas 7.  Take a couple of non-stick Yorkshire pudding trays or 6 non-stick fluted flan tins on a tray.

2 Put 1tsp goose fat into each tin and heat for 5 mins.

3 Put the flour, eggs, milk and thyme leaves into a processor, add a generous pinch of salt and whiz to combine and make a smooth batter. (You can whisk this all together by hand if you prefer.)

4 Pour the Yorkshire pudding batter into the tins and put a thyme sprig in each one.  Cook for 25 min, without opening the oven door, until the Yorkshires are well risen and puffy.

Per Serving: 200 cals, 9g fat, (4.5g saturated), 23g carbs

Serve with Roast beef with Dubonnet gravy