Everyone loves smoked salmon at Christmas. So, we’ve created some chic little, easy-assemble starters to inspire you and make your Christmas lunch memorable but easy.

Crab and salmon shots

Spoon prepared white crabmeat into the base of shot glasses, add a dash of Tabasco and a pinch of black pepper. Top with a spoonful of soured cream, and some snipped chives. Top with smoked salmon trimmings and a mini wedge of lime.

Tsar fillet with guacamole cups

Cut a Tsar fillet (sometimes called royal fillet) of smoked salmon into chunky slices, arrange on small boards or plates.  Take a tub of guacamole and stir in some chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped fennel and few shredded basil leaves. Spoon into mini pastry cups and serve with salmon and a lemon wedge.

Gravadlax with mustard dressing

Add a hint of English mustard and honey to some French dressing. Arrange gravadlax (cured salmon) on plates with peeled cucumber slices, rocket and Irish soda bread. Serve with the mustard dressing.




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