One word: wow!


Juggling being a parent with staying trim is a constant battle. But one amazing mum who has managed to do just this is Sonya Davison Sanchez.

The Singapore based TV host showed off her incredibly svelte figure on Instagram just a year after giving birth to twin boys!

The day before I gave birth vs today! So amazed by what the human body is capable of 🙌🏼

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Posting this incredible pic she captioned the snap:

‘The day before I gave birth vs today. So amazed by what the human body is capable of.’

The proud mum to boys Tristan and Raiden Sonya’s Instagram feed is choc a bloc with pictures of her showing off her best camera angles.

And responding to qs fired at those who want to know her secret Sonya has given away snippets from her workout routine. She wrote:

‘For those that asked – my two tummy tightening exercises are the “stomach vacuum” and the “plank”. I don’t do crunches as my goal at the moment is not ab building (these 2 exercises are more for if you’re going for a tighter, smaller waist).’

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And in an earlier bikini clad post Sonya reveals how she got to her super slim figure, and her doubts that she would ever snap back to her pre-baby frame.

‘Like many I thought that it wouldn’t be possible to get my body back after pregnancy (especially after seeing my ginormous twin belly). I was wrong’ she wrote.

Selamat Pagi Bali 🏝 – @theluxenomad #theluxenomad #sungaigold

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‘I would come to realize that a combination of factors would lead to me losing my pregnancy weight within just three weeks of giving birth.’

Holiday weight loss – how she did it!

This winning combo included her ‘strong core muscles’ which were the result of frequent high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts out home.

‘I only gained what I needed to,’ she said of her pregnancy. ‘You don’t literally have to “eat for two” when you’re pregnant.

‘I gained mostly on my tummy, so I only had to lose that extra weight, which is a whole lot easier than the whole body.’

Snack time… 🐮😂 #normalizebreastfeeding

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She also revealed that she kept up her fitness levels during pregnancy walking for two to three hours ever other day, and credits breastfeeding with helping her reach her pre-pregnancy weight.

‘When you breastfeed your stomach contracts which helps your uterus shrink quicker.

‘Times that by two (preemie babies that fed hourly) and you have the perfect storm,’ she said.

Sonya we think you’re doing a fab job. Who says we can’t have it all?