GREAT news everybody! The prosecco drought is OFF!

Recently there’s been a lot of speculation about whether the bubbles of the moment will begin to run out. Just last month experts issued grave warnings about supplies dwindling, with claims we Brits were drinking Italy dry. Whoopsies.

Last year alone we reportedly drank more than 40 MILLION litres of the sparkling wine, according to figures from The Grocer.

But thanks to less heavy rainfall resulting in an unusually large harvest this year, prosecco looks set to be available in abundance.

We’re glad to hear it, especially just before the hottest weekend of the year so far…

But we’re all up for helping a worthy cause and making some delicious prosecco based cockails.… Just to make it go a bit further y’know.




Did you know that you can now get Skinny Prosecco for those wanting to save a few cals?

Thomson & Scott haved teamed up with Selfridgess to create a lower sugar version that we can all enjoy, guilt free! 

A glass of Prosecco has around 90 calories, where as Skinny Prosecco comes in at 67. Plus it’s MUCH lower in sugar. Read more and find out where you can pick up a bottle HERE