What a transformation!

Losing weight doesn’t always need to be complicated. And sometimes its the smallest changes that can have the biggest impact.

This idea certainly proved to be true for mum-of-one Natalie Burtina. The dental nurse, 23, revealed that she piled on the pounds following the birth of her son Leyton at the age of 20.

Weighing 135kg (21st 2lbs) at her heaviest, Natalie revealed that her body image hit an all time low.

“I felt ashamed. I did not like looking in mirrors. It made me feel gross,” she explained.

What Natalie did to lose weight fast

Following a split with her boyfriend a year after Leyton was born, and Leyton’s diagnosis with autism Leila had to adapt to life as a single mum.

And realising she would need all the energy she could muster to take care of Leyton, she decided to take action.

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“I was puffed out doing anything, just exhausted all the time,” she explains.

“I knew I really needed to do something.”

While others might turn to fad diets at this point, Leila had a different plan. As 2015 got underway she decided to cut out processed food and substitute fizzy drinks for water.

Recent research revealed that some our favourite fizzy drinks contain a staggering per 100ml! Among the worst culprits were Cherry Coke (11.2g), Pepsi Cola (11g) and Coca Cola (10.6g).

“I just did not care what I ate and drank before,” Leila said. “I did not drink that much water before – that’s all I drink now. Basically [I] just eat fruit and vegies and meat – organic stuff.”

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And in just 18 months, she went from a size 24 to a size 10, chronicling every step of her journey on Instagram. She also dropped 60kg (9st 4lbs) to reach her current weight of 75kg (11st 8lbs). “Just start with anything. It makes you feel so much better,” she advised.

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